Building a house from shipping containers

Sea containers are a good solution for building a country house, shed or bathhouse. In addition, containers can be used for the construction of full-fledged housing. This highly unusual technology is gaining popularity nowadays. The shipping container can be used as part of a home, or you can build a structure entirely of containers connected together. The most interesting project is the use of the container as a guest house. Such a structure has an optimal size, it looks quite neat and compact. To make the house look attractive, combinations of different materials and colors are used for its decoration.

You can build a house from shipping containers both independently and with the help of professionals (today there are a large number of companies on the market that are engaged in both the development of projects and the construction of residential buildings from sea containers). Buildings from such material can be erected quite simply and quickly, while not requiring a large financial investment. They also have excellent earthquake resistance.

Opponents of such types of buildings often (and completely unreasonably) argue that:
– container houses look unattractive and not aesthetically pleasing;
– similar buildings are good only in countries with warm climates;
– houses have a short service life due to metal susceptibility to corrosion;
– the building will have an inconvenient layout of rooms, long corridors resembling a tram.

If you approach the matter competently, using imagination and modern materials, then all of the above factors can be easily dealt with. To keep the future building warm, the container must be insulated. It is best to use mineral wool or expanded polystyrene foam as thermal insulation material. The insulation process is carried out outside. Depending on the type of thermal insulation material chosen, it is applied either by spraying on the walls or, if the material is sheet, in the usual standard way. A cladding is made on top of the insulation. It, firstly, protects the insulation material from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and adverse weather events, and secondly, it is a way of decoration.

The following factors will greatly influence the appearance of the structure:

– Used finishing material;
– design solution. If multiple containers are used, it is important to group them correctly.

To make the room spacious, it can be assembled from two (or more) containers connected together, after removing the adjacent walls in them. Light-colored finishing materials will help to visually increase the area of ​​the room. As for the short service life of the sea container, the use of special anti-corrosion compounds, insulation and lining material will significantly increase its service life. Before starting construction work, the container is cleaned with sandblasting equipment and treated with a primer. Only then are the containers installed in the position intended by the project. At the same time, experts do not recommend independently building a house of two or more floors. Next, mark the window and door openings and communication systems. The outer walls of the structure are soldered and the installation of the ceiling and walls is started using steel racks. After that, plumbing, electrical and thermal insulation works are carried out. Interior wall decoration is done using drywall sheets.

The containers can be installed on piles (this allows their rigid structure) or slabs. The use of a frame structure makes it possible to combine individual modules, thereby creating interesting architectural solutions. The undoubted advantage of building a house from shipping containers is its uniqueness, as well as the possibility of erecting a sufficiently large building. The walls of the containers are very strong, which excludes the possibility of strangers entering the house. The structure is mobile, it will not be difficult to move it to another place if necessary.

ADDED: 19.10.2020