Introducing Xgard Bright Evolution
Embrace the evolution in detecting flammable gases. Xgard Bright Evolution stands as the pinnacle of innovation, offering comprehensive flammable and toxic gas detection, along with precise oxygen monitoring, all while ensuring effortless operation and a more budget-friendly installation approach.

Equipped with standard analog 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus signals, Xgard Bright Evolution also boasts a built-in Alarm and Fault relay, complemented by the choice of incorporating HART communications for seamless connectivity.

Revolutionising installation economics, the implementation of the 4-wire addressable system dramatically curtails cable requirements. The expansive OLED display empowers users to seamlessly engage with Xgard Bright Evolution during setup, calibration, and regular maintenance, eliminating the necessity of housing access.

Presenting the all-new Xgard Bright Evolution with MPS (Molecular Property Spectrometer™) technology, redefining precision in detection.

Dive into an extended array of novel gases and sensor variants now accessible and seamlessly integrated into the configurator.

ДОБАВЛЕНО: 13.07.2020